Friday, May 14, 2010

Eliza turned SIX

My sweet Eliza is now SIX, where did the last six years go? She has grown so much this past year in Kindergarten. She went from barely writing her name to reading little small books on her own. I was lucky enough to be able to go on 4 field trips with her this year! We went to the Pumpkin Patch, Living Museum, Williamsburg and the Strawberry Patch. It was fun to be able to bond with her this way. The best part is that she didn't ignore me on the field trips like my other kids did-lol!
Eliza has also participated in a lot of different things this year. She tried Fall and Spring soccer. She took up ballet-following her big sister in this area- she was in her first Christmas program which was so cute. Her recital is in just a couple of weeks. She also has taken up swimming lessons again and according to her teachers, she is the "best" in the class and moved up two spots in one session. They want her to join their swim team, but she says "she is just too busy for that!" She is so funny. She will just tell you like it is.

Eliza would kill me if she knew I was writing this but she really likes BOYS! I'm going to have my hands full with her I can tell. She wanted a "star wars" party with all boys, (and I wanted a princess party with all girls) I was finally able to pursuade her to have a princess party! Which was really cute.

I love my Eliza girl so much. She is the "princess" of the house. She basically tells us what to do and for some reason we all give in to her. She still talks about her Connecticut friends to, but I am happy that she has some really good friends here in VA also!

I hope this year brings Eliza much happiness and growth.

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Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl! And I'm on your side, Eliza, next year hold out for Star Wars party!!