Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sam's Arrow of Light and 11th Birthday

So I'm a little late this time in posting about Sam's birthday. He turned 11 on May 28th. One more year of primary then he will be in Young Mens and have the priesthood- unreal! Sam wanted a sports party so about 20 kids came to a local park and we played all of his favorite games. Flag Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Kick Ball and just ran around having fun.
We are so grateful for Sam and his sweet personality. He is such a huge help to me in the mornings and is willing to pretty much do anything I ask without complaining. He is a great example to his younger sister and brother. Sam is also very talented in sports. He is really good at all of them. I think one day he will get a sports scholarship and play something professional one day.
Sam also has been working hard on his Arrow of Light award and accomplished that. That required a lot of work, but I enjoyed working with him on it. We have some good memories of building things together and fixing things.
Sam has been on the A honor roll all year. We are proud of him. He will be going into 6th grade. Off to Middle School next year.
Sam is currently reading the Lightening Thief Series and finally enjoys reading.
I love my Sam very much and I know time will go by fast now once they are out of Elementary school the years seem to fly by.
Happy Birthday Sam and I'm so thankful for you!


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Jessica 7 said...

Okay - having an old lady moment. I had Sam as a wolf and bear cub scout, so it's amazing that he already received his arrow of light. Way to go Sam (and Sonia)!!