Saturday, March 6, 2010

Courtney is THIRTEEN!

Courtney turned THIRTEEN ON Feb. 21st. We celebrated by having a MAKE-UP party on Friday night. About 6 girls came and a friend of ours is a PROFESSIONAL make-up artist so she came and dolled up all the girls. They all looked like MODELS it was done perfect, not too much make-up but just enough for them to SHINE! Courtney had a blast.
On Saturday she got to go to her first TEMPLE trip, she said it was AWESOME! She got up at 4:30 in the morning and got home about 2pm. Then we treated HER and ELIZA to a PEDICURE AND MANICURE along with my sister and mom. We enjoyed our GIRLY time. We finished the evening with DINNER out. I think COURTNEY had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!

Courtney has accomplished a lot in her short 13 years! The lastest news is that she was nominated to be a part of the JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY what a huge success. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA through ALL of middle school. She also recently joined the VISIONS which is the TALENTED AND GIFTED program. COURTNEY loves DRAMA....she is LITTLE RED this year in the school play INTO THE WOODS She has been practicing hard to learn all of her parts as it is a LEAD roll.

We are very proud of COURTNEY and she hopes to be a ROCKSTAR one day and I don't doubt that she will make it BIG one day!!!!



Nelson Nitwits said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! Those are some gorgeous eyelashes!! Congratulations on your accomplishments in school as well. You should be proud of yourself!

The Thomas Family's Guatemala Adventure said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!! It sounds like you had an amazing birthday! I can just picture the whole thing! So fun! Love ya! So proud of all you have done!

Jessica 7 said...

No way - a teenager?! Happy Birthday Courtney!!