Saturday, May 9, 2009

Eliza is FIVE!!! Happy Birthday Eliza

My sweet little girl is FIVE- Five is such a milestone you know- Kindergarten next year, no longer a "little girl" now a "big girl!" Eliza is so funny! She has been our child to constantly keep us on our toes with not a dull moment. She has many different personalities throughout the day! Not much of a morning person, however looks forward into riding the bus to school and has a great time and listens at school. In the afternoons she cuddles and plays with Brady and have mommy and me time. Eliza is a great little swimmer. She has taken off this round of swim lessons and swimming like a little fish. She also wants to take up gymnastics again, so hopefully we will start that again soon. Eliza loves playing with the neighbor kids, they all ride their little barbie jeeps in the cul-de-sac. Eliza is a great big sister now. She loves to hold Brady and make silly noises at him so he laughs. Eliza says great prayers too. She is really understanding the whole prayer thing now and not just pray that we go to chuck e cheese! Eliza is a character and we love her soooo much! Thanks for being a cutie Eliza and we love you. Happy 5th Birthday my girlie girl.


Tina, Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! Eber and Sonia, she's beautiful! Love the new beach pics, too!

Jessica 7 said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! You sure are a cutie!

Nelson Nitwits said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! Kaitlyn says "Happy Birthday. I hope you had a nice birthday." If you're like Kaitlyn, you're already saying you're 5 1/2 by now. :)