Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sam my man is 10 today! (May 28th!) I can't believe my sweet boy is turning into a young good looking guy! Sam has always been a very sweet kid. He will do anything that I ask him to do. He absolutely loves his little brother and watches him for me every morning while I pack lunches and I get Eliza ready. Sam's teachers have always said what a nice quiet student Sam is and listens very well and is everyone's friend. Sam has maintained an A/B honor roll with only getting one B and the rest A's. The 2nd semester he had all A's so we are hoping for that this time too! Sam is very talented at sports, any sports that he plays he is good at. I know I'm prejudice being his mom and all, but other coaches of other teams have come up to us and have whispered, " I hope I get Sam next year!" Sam is on the waiting list for the local football league here in Williamsburg. (can't believe there is already a waiting list so we hope he gets on!) Sam is a very loving kid too. He loves to sit next to you and hug up on you and sneak and hold your hand. I love that about him how he still likes to be around us. I know in just a few short years he won't have anything to do with me. I got to go to Richmond with him on a field trip and I thought for sure he would ignore me ( Like he did in preschool at the pumpkin patch-ha) but he sat with me on the bus and hugged on me all day long. It was nice to spend the day with him! I also had lunch with him at school today. He wanted his favorite subway! Thanks to Eber for watching the other kids so I could enjoy lunch with Sam. Sam loves he wants to go out for crab legs! That will be his weekend treat. We all love you Sam, so glad that you are apart of our family. You bring much joy to it and you are a huge help to me. I will post pictures tomorrow of our day today. Love you Sam!


Nelson Nitwits said...

Happy Birthday Sam! You are a great friend and we miss you!

Jessica 7 said...

I have always loved Sam. He's such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday buddy!

Sister Gray