Sunday, April 26, 2009

Courtney in Seussical the Musical

We had a blast watching Courtney in Seussical this past week. For a middle school, the production was really good. Several people, including the director of the high school drama club commended Courtney personally on a great job and she said Courtney would just draw people toward her with her eyes! She is a great little actress, singer and dancer. I'm going to hopefully upload a video clip of it if it works. Here are some pictures too.


Nelson Nitwits said...

Way to go Courtney! Leah misses you too!

Tina, Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Rock the house, Courtney! Great job!

ConnecticutUre's said...

Courtney you are fabulous!!! Love the movies, keep up the great work, maybe we will see you on Broadway some day!

Miss you all!!!

Jessica 7 said...

Fabulous! Courtney's great, and it's nice that you have good opportunities where you live. It looks like she's doing well, and I'm so glad to see that.

The Thomas Family's Guatemala Adventure said...

how did you do I miss you sooooooo much I'll write you Soon


The Thomas Family's Guatemala Adventure said...


How did you do? Miss you lot's I'll wright you soon