Saturday, July 12, 2008


We finally closed yesterday on the house, so we took a few things over last night. We will be taking more stuff from the apt. today. Movers come Monday, I will be so glad to sleep in my own bed come Monday night! Late last night I went to the hospital because I have been having lots of pain around my c-section area. (not labor pains or pressure) but pain-pain. It hurts to walk, move, sit anything. They hooked me up to monitors to check the baby, and he looks great. They couldn't really tell me why i'm having this pain except "normal stretching" so I hope that is all that it is and nothing else. I think I usually have a high tolerance for pain, so this is scaring me a little. If any of you have a had similar pain with a c-section in the last few weeks of pregnancy please let me know. ( I will try not to complain of the pain anymore!)
The kids were excited to spend the night with their friends last night since we didn't get home until after mid-night. Even Eliza had her first sleep over. Thanks Mel for watching the kids!
Thanks also for all the comments, this is fun to do a blog! Courtney is much more creative then I am. She is enjoying it too.
Write more later!


The Ball Team said...

you hang in there, girl...this is some serious multitaksing you are doing - moving, having a baby, orchestrating a family of six, not to mention all the "what's for dinner, mom?" stuff - it's a good thing there's a good long break before school starts, you'll need the vacation time!!!

Jessica said...

Today is Wednesday - I'm thinking of you, Sonia, and hope that all goes well. Can't wait to see Brady!