Sunday, September 27, 2009

Long time since I lasted posted! A lot to update!

WOW- where did the months go- It was a fast summer! I didn't know it had been so long since I last updated.

We had a great summer- The kids joined their first Swim Team (Courtney and Sam) the were the "WAVES" They had a great time getting to know the kids in the neighborhood and also feeling more comfortable in the water and learning new swim skills. They both did a great job and earned many ribbons through out the season. Eliza hopes to join next year!

Our main vacation was going to Nags Head with Eber's two brothers and their families- we had a blast. We hope to do this every year. The highlight of that trip was seeing my kids try to drive Go-Karts- not very pretty! It was so funny. I already posted pictures from that trip so if you missed it go back and check those out.
The rest of the summer was spent at Busch Gardens and Water Country, Neighborhood Pool, Parks, Bowling, Movies and some lazy days at home (my favorite-ha) I tried to get the house organized but its back to being a mess already! We also did some landscaping which I got poison Ivy really bad! I had to go to the Dr. twice to get a shot for the pain and itching- it was miserable. The last little trip we took was to my parents house in Wytheville, VA. Its about 5 hours from us. We had a big cook-out with my aunts and uncles and cousins. It was fun to go see their house and to catch up with family.

Now we are back into school. Courtney is in 7th. Sam is in 5th and Eliza is in Kindergarten! Brady is stuck home with me for a few more years. I love having my kids home with me but now at least Brady can get back on a normal nap schedule! Summer was crazy trying to keep the house quiet for him to sleep! The kids are doing great in school. Courtney is back into choir and drama. Sam is taking an after school soccer club, unfortunately for Eliza's age they don't offer any after school programs just yet!

Sam and Eliza are in the county league for Soccer- it is so fun watching their games. They both have won their first 3 games! They also have both made a goal. Sam was goalie this past week for half of the game and he blocked a lot of shots! Eliza loves chasing the ball-sometimes she gets confused and starts doing her ballet moves out on the field though-too funny.

Courtney is in a couple of fall shows for her Dance Revolution Team. She auditioned for a solo and is singing a duet of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" She will be doing a dance to "Thriller" also. She is a "dead" ballerina for Thriller!

Brady is still scooting- but he has learned to crawl now (yes he is 14 months old and just learning to crawl!) He stands alone but refuses to walk to us. He walks around the furniture holding on but won't let go. He is so funny. He loves to make us laugh-he laughs at himself, and it sounds like an "old man" its so loud and deep- he's a cutie. Besides the last few nights he finally improved on sleeping, but now he has a cold so he is waking up more.

I love fall time- besides the Christmas season this is my all time favorite time of year. The crisp mornings- great for my morning walks, the leaves are changing and the excitement in the air for

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. I love pumpkin patches and hay rides etc.. I haven't done much with apple picking but that would be fun too. So enjoy this time of year.... I love it!

Would love to hear from everyone shoot me an email or join facebook! email is


Jessica 7 said...

Brady will be walking in no time! Isaac was 14 months when he walked, and when he did he was super sturdy - none of those 'beginning to walk' accidents!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I love your kids~Can we trade? Great pictures:) Hugs! Alice

Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Wow - Sam plays on artifial turf? I bet the ball really flies! Great catch-up!

The Thomas Family's Guatemala Adventure said...

Sonia! I loved seeing all the pics and reading about the family. I wish so much we could come see Sam and Eliza playing soccer. Oh my! I can't even imagine how cute that is! I also wish I could see Courtney Dance and hear Brady's little laugh! Most of all I wish I could go out to eat and a movie with you! :))))
Love ya,

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