Friday, July 17, 2009

Brady's first birthday!!!!

Brady I can't believe you are one! This has been the fastest year with so many changes! You are truly a blessing to our family. It was hard getting you here, then you were in the NICU for a week but are a strong fighter and have been ever since we brought you home. You bring so much joy and laughs to our family.

Your milestones:
first smile- 3 weeks old
first laugh - 6 weeks
rolled over- 5 months ( a little late!)
sit up- 5 1/2 months
Scooting 10 months old
taking a few steps- 11 months to current

Only has slept through the night a handful of times! Need to work on that!

You are cute scooting around! I don't think you will ever crawl. You are taking a few steps so you might be our quickest to walk.
You are a people person, you don't like to be by yourself much. You are also a busy bee- have to be moving. When you were really little we used to have to stand and walk you around, as soon as we stopped you would cry!
You have us all (including Eliza now) wrapped around your little finger. We all spoil you because its so fun too.
This next year I'm sure will go by just as fast with you doing more and more cute things. We love you so much. Happy FIRST birthday BRADY BOY!


Jenna said...

Daniel walked before he crawled too- he finally learned after he fell and sprained an ankle though... He was not happy about that either- crawling was too slow for him. Happy birthday Brady! We'll have to get out there and see you in person someday!

Jessica 7 said...

Happy Birthday Brady!! He's so cute. The years do fly by.

Jenna said...

We will be at the wedding. It will be good to see everyone! I will probably be very slow-moving by then, but I'm still cleared to fly- so we're gonna attempt it. ;) We'll see you in a few weeks then!

The Thomas Family's Guatemala Adventure said...

Oh my gosh! I wanted to cry. He is sooo big and sooo cute and I love every one of the pics posted. I can't believe he is one! I will definately see him before he turns two!

Tina - Ball Team Co-Captain said...

Brady is One!!!! So darling! I love the life in pictures progression! And hey, girl, great front page collage - check you out!