Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Week was a BLAST

We had a GREAT time at the beach this year. We went with two of Eber's brothers (Calvin and Mike) and their families and lots of cousins, it was so fun! We were able to do some fun things, like of course go to the beach a lot. Courtney and Sam became experts on boogie boarding- well they tried but they had fun! A few times the waves were pretty choppy. Sam got wiped out once really bad and then when we were coming onto the land he got caught in the undertow; so you have to be careful that is for sure! Eliza mainly had fun playing in the sand and chasing Uncle Mike with buckets of water! Brady ate sand, so he didn't go to the beach much with us!

Besides being beach bums we did Go-Karts for the first time. My kids didn't have a clue how to drive! They have only driven their little power wheel cars and bumper cars at Busch Gardens- so braking was a new experience. I don't think Courtney ever learned to brake! It was the best laugh though, it was crazy. Little Eliza raced in her car too- she was passing everyone and then she would giggle! She got a little mad when someone ran her off the track!

One day we hiked up the dunes in the heat! It was sooo hot. We bought the kids kites so they could fly them up there- it was a lot of fun. Kids have so much energy; Eliza kept rolling down then climbing back up. One time of climbing was enough for me!

The kids also played laser tag and went putt-putt golfing and movies.

We are looking forward to next year. A HUGE thanks to my sister-n-law Darlene for everything that she did to make this trip possible, it was great memories for us and for the kids- we love you guys!
Here are a few pictures from the week. There is more posted on facebook under Courtney Cummings and Sonia White Cummings.


Nelson Nitwits said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! Happy Birthday Brady! I can't believe it's been a year. You belong to a great family!

Jessica 7 said...

That looks like so much fun! So happy you had a great vacation. Isaac ate sand once, but then got wise.