Friday, June 12, 2009

preschool days are almost over for Eliza!

Its hard to believe that Eliza only has two more days of preschool left! She has had a great year making a lot of new friends and growing academically! Its sad to say good bye to these precious years. She will however be going to the same school for kindergarten and will ride the bus with Sam so she will have fun doing that. She was a late talker but her teachers now feel like she is "caught up" with the rest of the gang so we are proud of that. I got to enjoy many days with her at her school this year. We love you Eliza and hope by chance you will remember some of these early days of school. Good luck in Kindergarten!!!


Jessica 7 said...

I love how happy she looks. Kindergarten is exciting!

Nelson Nitwits said...

Congratulations Eliza! I can't believe they're ready for kindergarten. I always thought she'd have no problem catching up. She's a smart girl!

Nelson Nitwits said...

Hi again Sonia! Could you please send me your address again? I've lost it and Kaitlyn really wants to send a letter to Eliza. :)