Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brady's new discovery

Update on Brady:
Brady is almost 4 months old. About a month ago he discovered his hands and arms, now he has discovered that sucking his thumb (and sometimes his whole wrist) is way cool. He is the cutest thing sucking his thumb. I never have had a thumb sucker (always just pacifers) but he loves his thumb. I know a lot of people are against thumb sucking but i think its cute and ok for a while. He is getting really big. At his 3month check he weighed almost 14 and a half pounds so we will see what he weighs in a couple weeks at 4 months old. He still isn't sleeping well at night. Not sure what it is with my kids not sleeping at night but hoping soon he will get the idea that sleeping at night in his own bed is a good thing.

I'm one of those crazy people that like to do Christmas decorating early because I like to decorate a lot. So i'm starting to dig my things out from the attic and hope to be done by Thanksgiving. I used to make fun of people doing it before Thanksgiving until I did it last year and loved having the house all festive for Thanksgiving then I have more time just to sit and enjoy the season. So you should try it to so I won't be the only crazy one.

Sonia and Family


Jessica Gray said...

I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, and have to fight for doing it that soon. I guess I live with Scrooge! ;)

I had a thumbsucker, and while it is adorable, I have some insight on that if you'd like to hear it. I also have a great book to recommend for helping Brady sleep through the night in his own bed. Email me if you'd like to hear about either. :)

Beth said...


Brady is so adorable! I wish he was next door so I could kiss his cheeks! You truly are blessed with a beautiful family :) Miss you!