Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our visit to Jamestown

Since we live here in Williamsburg now we thought we should at least learn more of the history here (besides what we learned in Elementary school) so we took the kids to Jamestown Settlement for the first time where they could see the ships and boats and huts that the first settlers lived in. It was fun. Eliza had a good time seeing the boats. She wasn't too crazy about the loud noises from the guns but she was a trooper. Courtney and Sam got to participate in a reenactment of being attacked and how to load their weapons. We saw their church and their little huts. It was interesting. Sam is learning Virginia history this year and since we were in CT the last 3 years we are a little behind so this was good for him. We had a good time. There is so much history here in Williamsburg and Yorktown where we should be history bluffs soon!

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Jessica Gray said...

Sam should get his 'Jamestown rifles beltloop!' Just kidding - I made that up.