Saturday, October 18, 2008

HI! Its been a couple weeks since I've posted any updates. Brady is now THREE months old! I can't believe he is already that "old". He has grown so much, he is a BIG BOY! He is so much fun to have around. He really is a GREAT baby. (still not sleeping through the night, not even close but that is my only complaint!) He loves looking at his hands and arms now. He'll hold up his whole arm and just look at it, its the funniest thing. He likes laying under his playset too and looking at all the toys that move. When he smiles his whole face is in a grin. He has the fattest cheeks too. We all love him so much. Even Eliza is warming up to him, although she still asks almost daily if we can get a girl baby instead! (poor Brady) I think she is finally realizing that he isn't going anywhere. Courtney and Sam still want to hold him a lot and love him so much. They are great helpers espcially since he can hold his head up now I'm not so paranoid anymore.

We are enjoying some fall weather finally here in Virginia. The beginning of the week were actually in the high 80's but today is finally in the 50's and 60's. I love fall. Its my favorite season. I went to a pumpkin patch with Eliza on a field trip which was fun, I'll upload those pictures soon too.

We are going to Charlottesville today so I need to go. Email when everyone can!

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Jessica said...

What a cute little chunker! I know your back must feel it when you lug him around. :) Happy 3 months, Brady!