Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well the kids had their first days of school starting yesterday. It was a good day. I always cry when I see the bus (why is that) its not tears of sadness but tears of JOY (ha). The day started out bright and early as COURTNEY's middle school starts at 7:20 so the bus comes around 6:45 which means she has to leave the house at about 6:30. This is the first year that my kids have rode the bus in 3 years because we lived too close to the school in CT. Its nice having them old enough now to walk to the bus stops alone! (Courtney and Sam both have buddies they walk with which is good) Courtney enjoyed MIDDLE SCHOOL. She was nervous to go but ended up liking it. She has made 7 friends so far. The school messed her schedule up so she spent most of her time getting that fixed. She is taking Drama (and Drama Club) Latin, 7th grade math, chorus and then the basics that everyone takes. She is excited mostly about Drama. SHe is our DRAMA QUEEN for sure. ONce I got her off it was time to get SAM ready. His bus comes just about 8:00. He started 4th grade and he has always been our shy one (takes after his mother) so he was nervous going to a new school but he quickly found someone else that was new and sat with him on the bus. The boy "Owen" ended up in the same class with him too so they were BEST FRIENDS by the end of the day. I'm so glad he made a friend. He also has a couple of friends that live right across from our new house but they aren't in the same grade. Sam had a good first day. After Sam it was ELIZA'S turn! The last couple of days she was saying she wasn't going to go to school so I was a bit concerned to see if she would get on the bus. When the bus arrived she had a look of TERROR in her eyes but it quickly turned to EXCITEMENT and she went on and got on. ( I have to admit I was sad to see her go-and all the kids too) It is sad to say good-bye to summer time. The freedom that summer brings is great but back to reality! Eliza had a nice first day although she doesn't like to talk about it when she gets home-so I have no clue what she does for 4 hours. Hopefully soon she will start telling me about it.
BRADY and I just hang out for 4 hours, we did go on a WALK around the neighborhood this morning. Hopefully that will be our morning routine. In just 4-5 short years he will be getting on that bus too then I really won't know what to do with myself. (maybe sleep all day since i'm so sleep deprived now)
That is our update for now.
SOnia and CO.


ConnecticutUre's said...

Happy Days to you!!!! I was in Stop and Shop the other day and the cashier said that she celebrated Mother's Day on Wednesday. I was so confused, but then she clarified by saying, "The first day school!!" I thought it was pretty funny. I enjoy summer, but am glad to get some sense of rhythm back into my home. I am glad that you are walking, that is great!!! Aury, usually takes a nap during our time alone, so I like to get things done, or relax and read. Miss you all!!!


Heather Pilz said...

Hey there! This is Heather Pilz from CT. Where are you guys? We are in Suffolk. Congratulations on the new baby. I am due in 2 weeks and very excited to be having a boy this time round. I totally agree with you about the joy of the first day of school. Happy days are here again!

Take care, and we'd love to get together with you guys at some point!

Jessica Gray said...

Glad to hear you're all off to a good start! I'm so happy Sam made a friend right away. You get to send Eliza to preschool on a bus? "Lucky!!" (that must be said like Napolean Dynamite)