Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok- I thought I was busy before the baby came, now I'm super busy with no time and so sleep deprived! However we are enjoying Brady so much and treasure these first few weeks because they are going fast! Brady is four weeks old today-I can't believe that! He is a really good baby, I think the best baby as far as not crying (just to cry) and he sleeps a lot during the day so I can get some things done, but he is up for half of the night still, but we are working on that. Courtney, Sam and Eliza all love the baby. Eliza is acting out in other ways, very demanding and controlling right now. Hopefully all that will change wants we get back to a normal routine with school. (two more weeks to go!) We've had company since Brady was born which has been a huge help. My mom leaves this Sunday and my Aunt Janet leaves on next Wednesday then I will be all alone and won't know how to function. Thanks for all the help. We are still figuring out where to put things in this house. We changed some curtains today and still need more closet space some how. We basically just have the garage now to unpack which will probably take a year. We don't have a basement in this house so we are trying to get used to that.

We had Brady blessed two Sundays ago which was really nice. Eber's family came up for it and my parents were still here. It was a great day. I will have to post some pictures soon of the blessing.

The older kids are finally finding some kids to play with in the neighborhood. Of course I think that is what they miss most of CT are there friends! They have some great friends in Newport News but we don't get down there to often now with the baby. We went to the park for the first time yesterday and it seemed to take two hours just to get ready and we lasted 30 mins at the park! (not worth going) I'm sure things will get easier I've just forgotten all the demands of a baby again.

Thats it for now,
Sonia and gang


The Ball Team said...

Yeah, isn't a bsuy life great!!! Glad to hear he's a good baby - that makes it a lot easier. Enjoy!!!!

ConnecticutUre's said...

Don't worry it does get easier, and I am sure with school starting soon, life will become a whole lot easier!!!! We miss you, glad that you have had a lot of help from your family. That makes life easier!!!

Jessica Gray said...

You're doing great! How wonderful to have had so much help. :) Hope school is a good experience for everyone, and I'll look for his blessing pics! (and now you know why I stick close to home, or AT home most of the time!!)

Love you!